Juried Arts and Crafts Festivals

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At JC's juried arts & crafts festivals, you will find top-notch artisans from the tri-state area that feature arts, handcrafted items and photography. All of JC's arts & crafts fairs are held in upscale communities in order to match the ideal customer to the event.

JC produces a multiplicity of events and each one features a particular category of vendor. For example, we do not allow retail or buy and sell at our art & crafts festivals, just as we do not invite crafters to our vintage fairs. The purpose of disclosing this is so that artisans are assured that we will not comprise the integrity of our juried events by bringing in non-conforming exhibitors.

Whenever JC hosts a "fine" arts & crafts event it will be noted in the title of the event. These are juried by a professional committee.

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Crafters Corner at JC's Street Fairs (non-juried)

JC produces approximately 20 street fairs throughout NJ. Within these street fairs there is a separate section created just for artists and crafters known as "The Crafters Corner". Our street fair vendors are not juried and offer a broad-based selection of items and services. Although mostly retail, many crafters find that they do well in the crafters corner. After all, these fairs get thousands of visitors and offer exhibitors a lot of exposure. See Street Fairs application for more information about these events.

nj arts and crafts shows jc

Photos from Juried Arts & Crafts Festivals